Island & Cape have Cairns based wholesale and distribution facilities and are totally dedicated to the Cape York and the Torres Strait Islands and fully understand and embrace both the cultural and geographical issues regarding the region.

As opposed to Island & Cape's major competitors, who are mainly Brisbane based, having the head office and distribution centre in Cairns leaves Island & Cape perfectly positioned to deal with the supply needs of its far north Queensland customers. Why pay transport companies to transport your goods all the way from Brisbane when you can source the same goods at competitive prices from Cairns.

In the main, all products are sourced direct from manufacturer or importer, usually free of transport costs, in to Cairns. This allows for competitive pricing, better 'use by' dates, shorter delivery times and reduced stock holding. All of this makes Island & Cape a better choice for a Far North Queensland business looking for the supply of food and goods.

With the Cairns warehouse facilities and its own retail operations, Island & Cape can monitor the pricing of products from the manufacturer or importer right through to the customer at the retail store or supermarket. It is Island & Cape's policy that any customer of the business will get the same pricing as enjoyed by Island & Cape's own retail operations.

The managers of the retail stores and supermarkets that operate under the Island & Cape banner are able to tailor the range of products and the opening times to suit the remote community's needs. This is supported by the head office and the warehouse's in Cairn's who advise on, source and store the products that are required for the remote community retail outlets. The same support from the Cairns warehouse is also given to all of Island & Cape's customers.

Island & Cape work closely with the different councils that have an Island & Cape retail operation in their community ensuring that the retail facility provides the service and goods the community expects. The other partners that work with Island & Cape to get the service and goods to the remote communities are Local Government, Department of Education, Department of Communities, Centrelink, Skill 360, Community Enterprises Australia, ITEC, JobFind and all the suppliers and service providers of Island & Cape. Island & Cape have a proven track record and enjoy widespread support in the communities in which they operate. The corporate goal is to have a positive impact and bring good practice, health and spirit to the communities.


Island & Cape is in the wholesale and retail food and goods business and our goal is to provide the highest level of service, the best selection of products and the most competitive prices to the people of North Queensland.

Island & Cape specialise in the distribution of food and goods to the remote areas and the indigenous communities.

We are a values driven company and our core values include the following:

  1. Excellent customer service
  2. Taking care of our people
  3. Giving back
  4. Doing the "right" thing and having a "fair go"
  5. Creating shareholder value
  6. Respect for all people
  7. Entrepreneurial Spirit
  8. Building strong relationships

Island & Cape aim to bring good practice, health and spirit to the communities that they are involved with.

"Entrepreneurial Spirit"